About Governance

The cornerstone of the Bank’s strength, sustainability and long term existence, is corporate governance - the oversight mechanisms and the way in which BPI and its subsidiaries are governed, encompassing how decisions are made and how the bank deals with various interests of, and relationships with, our many stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, regulators, employees, and the broader community to ensure our accountability. We design our policies, processes, and work environment for accountability to our shareholders and all our stakeholders, knowing that this is a crucial and key driver of high performance.
As one of the most trusted organizations in the country, our goal is to continue that history of trust for our clients, customers, colleagues, and stakeholders by building on the solid corporate governance foundations that are in place to deliver on that commitment. We gauge our success not by our rank or size but by the trust we are given. And so we focus on skillfully creating value, generating strong returns, and prudently managing risks as we innovate our core bank business and the products and services that we offer, so that we can provide the right solutions for our customers and markets, and promote greater financial inclusion in the country.
We recognize the importance of culture as a source of competitive advantage and understand that it is vital to the creation and protection of long-term value. Beyond corporate governance structures, rules and sanctions, culture impacts the decisions we make as an organization and how these decisions influence and affect our employees, clients, organization, and communities. And so we strive to build a healthy corporate culture that will allow us to realize our goals in an ethical way, guided by a framework of shared values and a sense of social responsibility, not just because it is the right thing to do but because it is fundamental to our business, our reputation, and our success as a financial institution.
We continuously work closely and constructively with regulators, keenly aware of the immense value and importance of transparency in such relationships. As a publicly listed company, we likewise recognize that we can demonstrate transparency through robust corporate governance policies and practices, which is integral to the creation of a fair and sound market valuation for BPI shares and maintaining the confidence of customers, and retail and institutional investors alike. BPI therefore strives to ensure better quality of disclosures beyond simply being compliant with the corporate governance and listed company requirements and standards of the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and the Philippine Stock Exchange (“PSE”).