• Bank Service Fees

Bank Service Fees

Transaction Fees
Transaction Fees

ParticularsService Charge
Cash Deposit in excess of GBP 500.00 / USD 500.00GBP 0.50 per GBP 100.00 / GBP 0.50 per USD 100.00
Deposit to Account using Debit CardFree
Deposit to Account using Credit Card2% of principal amount for Personal credit card
3% of principal amount for Business credit card
Returned Cheque DepositFree
Overdraft ChargesGBP 20.00 per occurence

Unpaid Cheque

(Drawn against Insufficient Funds)

GBP 20.00
Unpaid Direct DebitGBP 20.00

Auxilliary Charges
Auxilliary Charges

ParticularsService Charge

Bank Statement

(Previously Issued)

GBP 5.00 per Quarter
Bank CertificationGBP 10.00
Remittance CertificationGBP 10,00
Remittance History

GBP 10.00 for the first 10 pages

(GBP 0.50 per page thereafter)

Inward Remittance Charges
Inward Remittance Charges

CurrencyMode of Payment: Credit to BPI Europe Star AccountService Charge

Incoming Local Transfer

(Faster Payment)

GBPInward International Telegraphic TransferGBP 3.00
USDInward International Telegraphic TransferUSD 5.00
Inward International Telegraphic TransferEUR 5.00

Domestic Transfers
Local Transfers

CurrencyMode of Payment: Debit from BPI Europe Star AccountService Charge


Outgoing Local Transfer value Next Day

(per transact on, up to EUR 10,000.00)


Outgoing Local Transfer value Same Day

(per transaction, up to EUR 10,000.00)

GBP 3.00

Outgoing CHAPS Payments value same day

(per transactions, > EUR 10,000 up to EUR 50,000)

GBP 25.00

Outgoing CHAPS Payment value same day

(per transaction, > EUR 50,000.00 and up)

GBP 30.00

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