Cybersecurity Tips

It is a shared responsibility between the bank and its clients to be aware of the warning signs of phishing, vishing and other kinds of online fraud.

Be sure of the website's credentials
Check the website name and e-mail address.
Type instead of click
Avoid clicking on e-mail links to access your account.
Beware of embedded forms and links
Do not click on e-mail attachments or links from unknown senders.
Use anti-virus software
Protect your computer/mobile device from virus attacks and malicious programs.
Clear the cached memory of your browser
Prevent stored information from being retrieved by unwanted parties.
Avoid using shared computers
Refrain from using public computers when accessing your accounts online.
Always log out of your account
Remember to log out once you're done with your transactions.
Avoid unsecured WIFI connections
Do not use unsecured internet/WIFI when accessing BPI Online or your e-mails.
Monitor your transactions regularly
Make it a habit to ensure that your transactions are correct.
Report suspicious websites and e-mails
If you receive an e-mail requesting personal information, or encounter a phishing website, please report to
Keep your security details to yourself
Never give your security information through email, SMS, or call.
Online Banking
Keep these tips and features in mind for a safer and more pleasant digital banking experience.
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Your security is our prime concern

We continuously employ the use of world-class tools, methods, and processes to ensure the safety of your account information and online banking transactions.

Security Tools
Deployed to safeguard all our servers and information systems, including stored data.
GlobalSign's Security Certificate
Be assured that you are visiting BPI Online's official website. Check for GlobalSign’s Security Certificate at the lower right portion of the BPI Online login screen.
Username and Password Strength
Nominate strong credentials with our Password Protection Features.
Biometric Login
Log on to the new BPI Mobile app with your fingerprint and Face ID.
Mobile Key
Your secure alternative to One-Time PIN via SMS. Approve select online banking transactions with just a PIN, fingerprint, or Face ID.
One-Time PIN
A unique 6-digit code that is required for financial transactions done in BPI Online and Mobile app.
E-mail Notifications
Get notified for every transaction you make.
Cybersecurity Reminder
We will never ask for your One-Time PIN (OTP) through e-mail, SMS, or call.
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