Account Settings
Easily and securely personalize your account settings through the browser or mobile app.
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Set your Debit Card Control Limits

Personalize withdrawal or purchase limits, and toggle on/off certain features.

View your Bank Statements

View the digital copy of your deposit, card, and investment account statements.

Turn on your Push Notifications

Get instant alerts whenever money or prepaid card load is sent to you.

Quick guides

How to update your mobile number

1. Select Account Maintenance then choose ‘Update Mobile Number.’
2. Input your debit card number and your new mobile number.
3. Activate your request at any BPI ATM near you.                                       

Your number will be updated immediately after activation through ATM.
Know more about updating your mobile number.

How to reset your password

1. Go to BPI Online or mobile app.
2. Click "Forgot Password."
3. Type your username and select product type.
4. Type your deposit account number, credit card customer number, or loan account number.
5. Enter your date of birth.
6. Create a new password and confirm the password by re-typing it.
7. Click "Next." Type your One-Time PIN.

Note: If you have multiple deposit accounts enrolled, just type in one account number.

How to set your Debit Card Control limits

1. Log in to BPI Online or BPI Mobile app and go to "Other Services.”
2. Select "Card Control" under "Cards.”
3. You may now customize your card control settings.

How to view your bank statements

1. Log in to BPI Online and go to “Other Services.”
2. Select “My Statements.”
3. Select an account and its statement date, then “Download.”

How to turn on your push notifications

​​​​​​​1. Log in to BPI Mobile app and go to “Account Maintenance.”
2. Select “Notifications.”
3. Enable “Push Notifications” and/or “Transaction Alerts and Offers.”

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Video tutorials

What can I do with Debit Card Control?

Now, you have more control over your debit card. With BPI Online or mobile app’s card control feature, you can:
- Increase or decrease your Purchase Limit on POS
- Increase or decrease your Withdrawal Limits on ATM
- Enable your International Access when abroad
- Disable your International Access when in the Philippines
- Enable or disable E-Commerce Access
- Temporarily Block or Unblock your cards
- Tag your cards as Lost or Stolen when you need to

Is Debit Card Control available for all debit cards?

​​​​​​​No, this feature is available to BPI Debit Mastercard only.

Am I charged with a fee when using Card Control?

No, this feature is free of charge.

What should I do next after tagging my card as lost/stolen in the Debit Card Control settings?

​​​​​​​After tagging you card as lost or stolen, kindly request for a BPI Debit Mastercard replacement in any BPI/BFB branch or via 889-10000.

What are the instances where I will receive push notifications?

You will receive a push notification for the following:
• Credit from Transfer to 3rd Party/Transfer to Anyone
• Credit from Load Prepaid Card
• New device registration
• Receipt of marketing-related notifications

Password Reset

Reset your BPI Online password in four easy steps.

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Update your Mobile Number

Keep your registered mobile number up-to-date for a seamless online banking experience.

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