Outsmart Fraudsters Today

Here are some tips to help you identify a legitimate message from BPI and to protect yourself from fraudsters.

1. Always check the legitimacy of message.

For SMS, check if the sender of the message is "BPI" or "BPI Family."

For emails, check the "Email Security Zone" found at the upper right portion of the email. It contains the last 3 digits of your BPI account number, credit card customer number, or prepaid account number. Validate if these digits are correct before doing any action.

2. Protect sensitive information.

Some fraudsters will trick you into giving your account details. Do not share your OTP, complete account or card number, card CVV/CVC & expiry date, & log-in details for your BPI Online or BPI Mobile app account.  BPI will never ask for these details.

3. Do not panic.

Fraudsters use scare tactics to pressure you. When you receive an email or SMS that threatens or asks you to do something with urgency, stay calm and do not feel obligated to act on the request.

4. Report when in doubt.

Please send us a message or call our 24-hour BPI Contact Center at ‎(+632) 889-10000.

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