Real Thrills Rewards
Earn rewards points from purchases using your qualified BPI Credit Card, and redeem gifts, miles, shopping credits and more.
Real Thrills Regular

Php 1,000 SM Gift Pass

Convert your RTR points to Php 1,000 SM Gift Pass. 18,000 RTR Points. Code: 211003

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Php 500 J.CO Gift Certificate

Convert your RTR points to Php 500 Gift Certificate. 9,000 RTR Points. Code: 311004


Php 1,000 Shopping Credit

Convert your RTR points to Php 1,000 Shopping Credit. 12,000 RTR Points. Code: 215002

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Credit Card Promos
Exclusive perks and deals whenever you use your BPI Credit Card.
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No BPI Credit Card yet?

Make the most out of your purchase and enjoy the many perks of a BPI Credit Card.

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Real 0% SIP, now online

Installment for big online purchases? It’s on! Pay in installment from the comfort of your home.

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