Special Installment Plan at Partner Travel & Leisure Merchants
Enjoy a special installment plan of up to 24 months with our travel and leisure partner merchants.
Real 0% SIP

Get up to 12 months Real 0% SIP with your BPI Credit Card.

Up to 100% Bonus Madness Limit

Get a bonus installment credit limit of up to 100% of your regular credit line.

SIP with Add-on

Get up to 24 months SIP with low monthly add-on rates.

Program Mechanics

1. The Program is open to BPI cardholders of Participating BPI Cards in good standing. The Participating BPI Cards are as follows:  

BPI Credit Cards

  • Blue Mastercard
  • Gold Mastercard
  • Petron-BPI Mastercard
  • Platinum Rewards Mastercard
  • Edge Mastercard
  • Corporate Mastercard
  • Amore Cashback Card
  • Amore Platinum Cashback Card
  • Visa Signature Card
  • BPI Family Credit Card

2. BPI cardholders are entitled to avail of the Real 0% Installment Program. This allows cardholders to avail up to 12 months Real 0% Installment at Partner Merchants.

3. The cardholder shall review and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Special Installment Plan (SIP):

Terms and Conditions

a. The SIP Real 0% installment terms are available for a minimum single-receipt purchase requirement of Php 3,000 or higher depending on the merchant.

b. The terms and spend requirement may vary per Merchant and may be available for select items/services only.

c. All installment transactions are subject to BPI’s approval.

d. Cardholder can also choose to avail of other SIP feature:
Up to 100% BONUS MADNESS LIMIT for qualified BPI Credit cardholders
Qualified Credit cardholders with good credit standing will enjoy increased purchasing power with a bonus installment credit limit of up to 100% of their regular credit line. Approved installment transaction will automatically be deducted from the Madness limit. 100% Bonus Madness Limit is only applicable to installment transactions.

e. The monthly payment shall first be applied to the interest charges then to principal amount using the diminishing balance method:

  • BPI will charge an early termination fee of Php 550 plus 20% on the principal amount should the cardholder decide to terminate the SIP transaction prior to the first billing.
  • BPI will charge an early termination fee of Php 550 for SIP transactions terminated after first billing.

4. To qualify for the Program, the cardholder must use his or her Participating BPI Credit Card to pay for his or her purchases at the Participating Merchant.

5. Any dispute concerning the products and/or services related to the Program shall be settled directly between the cardholder and Merchant.

6. The terms and conditions governing the issuance of BPI Credit Cards, reminders and other provisions contained in card carrier, statement of account, charge slips and other documents or instruments, which are made an integral part hereof by reference, shall likewise be resorted to in instances where they are applicable in this Program campaign.

Participating Merchants
  • Acewin Travel&Tours  
  • Alana Services
  • Amkor Travel&Tours  
  • Ark Travel Express  
  • Alviera Country Club
  • Bonjour Travel  
  • Cathay Pacific Corp.
  • Centro Hotel Corps
  • Comfort & Leisure Trv  
  • Destination Special  
  • E&E Sky Travel  
  • Global Link Tourism  
  • Grandhope Venture  
  • Horizon Travel  
  • Island Resort Club  
  • Jing Trv Wide  
  • Pan Asiaworld Holidays
  • Philippine Airlines
  • Shadow Travel  
  • Sofitel Plaza Corp.
  • Trajet Tour&Travel  
  • Travelbest Guide
  • Travelonline Phil  
  • Uni Orient Travel 

Note: The terms may vary per merchant and may be available for select items only.

SIP Monthly Add-On Program

You may also opt to pay for your installment purchase at low monthly add-on rates in the event that Real 0% installment term is not being offered by the partner merchants. Interest rates per merchant may vary per industry.


Factor Rates

Add-On Rates

3 months



6 months



9 months



12 months



18 months



24 months



How to compute
Price x factor rate = Monthly amortization
Monthly amortization x No. of installment months = Price of total installment with interest

Participating Merchants
  • Ace Penzionne  
  • Allura  
  • Alona Kew White Beach  
  • Anflo Resort Dev  
  • Anvaya Cove
  • Arctic Viking Island
  • Awesome Hotel  
  • Ayala Land
  • Ayumi Eyelash  
  • Baguio Lefern Hotel  
  • Balai Gloria  
  • Beautysource  
  • Bellagio Hills  
  • Bioaccents
  • Biolite
  • Biosthetic Corp
  • Blue Crystal Spa  
  • Blue Star Dive Resort
  • Bodyline Int'l
  • Bohol Henann Resort
  • Bonifacio Hotel Vent
  • Bonne Business Corp  
  • Botanica Success  
  • Brimstone  
  • C.U Deli  
  • Care To Bare  
  • Casa Pilar Beach  
  • Casa Rafael  
  • Casamia  
  • Cathay Pacific  
  • Centro Holistico  
  • Citilink Hotel  
  • City Central Aesthe
  • Club Manila East  
  • Cool Breeze Hotel  
  • Coron Village Lodge
  • Cre8 Salon  
  • Crown Lodge Inc  
  • Dahilayan Adventure
  • Dahilayan Forest  
  • Dao Diamond Center
  • Darunday Manor  
  • David's Salon
  • Day Spa Facial & Body
  • Dermalosophy Clinic
  • Dermcare  
  • Dermcare Luxe  
  • Dermcare Pro  
  • Dermcare Wellness  
  • Elorde Gym  
  • Esencia Day Spa  
  • Eskaya Beach Resort
  • Executive Pension  
  • Face & Body
  • Farmhouse Htl  
  • Fb Hotel  
  • Felicidad Hotel  
  • Felis Resort Complex
  • Fernandina 88  

  • Firenzo Property Dev
  • First Quezon Hotel
  • Fitness First  
  • Flawless  
  • Fleur Spa  
  • Florance Beach Resort
  • Fresh
  • Gavd Bloom Facial
  • Glam Salon  
  • Glow Skin Clinic  
  • Goldland Millenia  
  • Goshen Resort  
  • Grand Peninsula Suites
  • Guijo Suites  
  • Hairshaft Salon  
  • Hale Manna  
  • Haranasurf Inc  
  • Heroes Hotel  
  • Highlander Hotel&Rsrt
  • Hillcreek Gardens  
  • Holiday Park Hotel
  • Hotel Ni Among  
  • Hotel Trish  
  • Isabel Suites  
  • Isabela Zen Hotel  
  • Isla Gecko Resort  
  • Isola Vista  
  • Jec Realty Corp  
  • John Robert Powers  
  • Kamiseta
  • Kasagpan Resort  
  • La Jenns Htl  
  • La Residencia Almar  
  • Legend Hotels  
  • Lunula Nail &Beauty  
  • M And D Medical Spa
  • Mactan Isla Resort  
  • Magallanes Residences  
  • Malaco Hotel  
  • Malagos Garden Resort  
  • Malay Green Bali Resort
  • Malolos Resort Club  
  • Marie France Body
  • Marks Hotel & Restaurant 
  • Metrowaki Corp  
  • Mindful Movement  
  • Momarco Resort  
  • Montage Skin  
  • My Island Corp  
  • Mystique Lane  
  • Nail Glowessence  
  • New Skin Corp
  • North Era Suites  
  • Northview Hotel  
  • Olympic Village
  • Omega One On One 
  • Onnuri World Co Inc  
  • Oryza Hotel  
  • Panda Tea Garden  
  • Panglao Olivia Homes
  • Patio Rizal Hotel  
  • Patricks On The Beach
  • Planet Infinity  
  • Primus Hotel And Resort
  • Pueblo Por La Playa  
  • Punta Del Sol Beach
  • Quantum Fitness Inc
  • Ridgewood Hotel  
  • San Juan Resort And Hotel  
  • San Remigio Beach Club
  • Sandylane Land Inc
  • Sap Inn And Rest  
  • Seda Hotel  
  • Seda Residences Makati
  • Sedahotel Capitol Central  
  • Senor Enrico  
  • Silkair  
  • Singapore Airlines  
  • Skin Rejuve Prestige
  • Skyland Hotel  
  • Slimmers World  
  • Sofitel Phil Plaza  
  • South Drive Baguio
  • Square Suites  
  • St Agatha Ersort  
  • Stern Real Estate  
  • Steven's Place  
  • Subic Park Hotel  
  • Sunz En Coron Resort
  • Thai Airways Int'l  
  • The Atrium Salon  
  • The Coco Palace Hotel  
  • The Palacio De Laoag
  • The Peninsula  
  • The Purple Tree Corp
  • The Spa  
  • The Vine Holistic  
  • The White Drip  
  • Ticketnet  
  • Ultra Adv Leisure  
  • Uncle Toms Cabin Hotel
  • Valley Hotel  
  • Veranda Suites  
  • Vest Pension House  
  • Vie Serene Melanie's
  • Vienna Hotel  
  • Villas Buenavista  
  • Vlounge Spa  

Customer Support


For inquiries and comments, send us a message or call our 24-hour BPI Contact Center at ‎(+632) 889-10000.

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