BPI Corporate Mastercard
Manage your purchases and payment processes easier, smarter, and faster – wherever you are in the world with a BPI Corporate Mastercard.
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Your Complete Business Payment Solution

Complete with innovative product features and advanced data analysis tools, BPI Corporate Mastercard enables your company to get unparalleled convenience, control, and flexibility- resulting in significant cost-savings for your busines.

Card benefits
Payment Terms

Extend payment terms up to 50 days.

Minimize Company Expenses

Increase savings with low foreign conversion rate and Real Thrills Rewards points. Save when you pay foreign merchants and suppliers. Redeem rebates, miles, and gift certificates with your rewards points.

Company Controls

Ensure that the company controls are in place. Limit issuance, set credit card limits, and block certain merchant categories for your BPI Corporate Mastercard.

Expense Reporting and Transaction Management

Monitor transactions 24/7, generate reports, and view and approve expenses online through Express Data Online (EDOL), a secure web-based reporting and expense management system.

Exemption from withholding tax

Be exempted from withholding tax on purchases of goods or services made using the BPI Corporate Mastercard, as stipulated in BIR RMC 72-2004.

Installment Options

Have the option to pay in installment for your company-related expense at 0% or low interest rates.

BPI Alerts
Get SMS alerts when you use your BPI Credit Card for online purchases.
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Frequently asked questions

Does BPI require a minimum number of employees to be issued with BPI Corporate Cards per company?

There is no minimum number. The company can opt to issue just one (1) corporate card.

Who assigns credit limit(s) for employee(s)?

It is the company who assigns the credit limit per employee, depending on their individual requirements.

How soon can a request for increase in credit limit be implemented?

The increase in credit limit can be processed on the same day, as long as the request is received no later than 2pm.

How soon can a card cancellation be effected if request is initiated by the company?

The card can be cancelled on the same day, as long as the request is received no later than 2pm. For lost cards, please call our 24-hour BPI Contact Center at (+632) 889-10000 for immediate blocking.

What can the company do to ensure that all expenses made by employee cardholders are for business related activities and not for personal use?

The company should put in place the Policies and Procedures covering its Corporate Card Program. The best practice is to have the cardholder sign an agreement certifying that he/she has read and agrees to comply with the Terms and Conditions governing the use of his/her corporate card.

If purchases are made outside the Philippines, in what currency shall the company be billed?

All purchases shall be billed and paid in Philippine Pesos.

What are the payment options available for the company? Can the employee pay BPI directly?

The company can pay BPI via any of the following:
a. Auto-debit from the Company account
b. Corporate pay via Express Bills Presentment and Payment facility wherein the company pays online vs. its corporate deposit account the specific amounts for each of the cardholders;
c. Over-the-counter at any of the over 840 BPI or BPI Family Bank branches nationwide

For payments to be made directly to BPI by the employees, the payment options are:
a. Auto-debit from the cardholder's payroll account
b. BPI Online (enrollment required)
c. 24-hour BPI Contact Center (enrollment required)
d. Over-the-counter at any of the over 1,176 BPI or BPI Family Bank branches nationwide

Is there any benefit to using corporate cards vs. personal cards?

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) requires top 20,000 private corporations to withhold and remit taxes on local purchases of goods (1%) and services (2%) made by its employees in the course of doing business. However, the BIR issued a Clarificatory Memo stating that if purchases were made using company-issued credit cards, said purchases would not be subject to any withholding tax. The use of corporate cards therefore allows companies to do away with the administrative difficulties associated with the process of withholding tax.

Who can I contact for concerns about my BPI Credit Card?

For inquires and comments, send us a message or call our 24-hour BPI Contact Center at ‎(+632) 889-10000.

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