Grow and Expand Your Business
How to grow your business

Additional capital for expansion

Know more on how you can make your business expand, purchase new equipment, or meet other capital expenditures.

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Stand-by funds for your business

Find out how your business can easily draw funds from a credit line via the BPI Mobile app, BPI Debit Card, or check to pay for recurring or unexpected expenses.

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Short-term funding for your seasonal needs

Discover how you can prepare your business for peak-season demands.

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Acquire or construct commercial properties

Learn how you can conveniently invest in acquiring or constructing property assets for your business.

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Client Testimonials
Listen to the success stories of our SME partners.
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Find out the solution that best fit your business needs

Ka-Negosyo Loan Finder

Share with us what you need in 3 simple questions and find the right solution for your business.

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Eligibility Checker

We would like to know you and your business better. Let’s check if you are eligible for a BPI Ka-Negosyo Loan.

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Loan Application Form

Fill out the form to kickstart your loan application process.

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