BizLink: Frequently Asked Questions


What are the software and hardware requirements for using BizLink?

Operating System     
Windows 7 Professional
MacOSx from 10.6
Linux OS Ubuntu 14.04

Internet Explorer 10
Mozilla Firefox 43.0
Google Chrome 47.0

Mobile (for the BizLink app)
iOS 12 and up
Android v7.0 Nougat and up

Can I do account transactions even from outside the Philippines?

Yes, Bizlink allows you to access your enrolled accounts anywhere as long as you have internet access.

What currencies are supported by BizLink?

BizLink currently supports peso, dollar and third currency denominated transactions depending on the chosen facility or service.

Can transactions be future-dated?

Yes, transactions can be scheduled in advance for a year.

How many incorrect log-in tries are allowed before my BizLink User ID gets locked?

Your BizLink User ID will be locked after three (3) consecutive incorrect log-in attempts.

What User Roles are available in BizLink?

System Administrators    
1. System Administrator Encoder
- Creates or deletes company Transactional Users (Maker, Authorizer)

2. System Administrator Approver
- Approves or rejects requests submitted by the System Administrator Encoder

Transactional Users    
1. Maker
- Creates or initiates transactions in BizLink
- Views the account balance and history

2. Authorizer
- Approves, returns or rejects transactions created by the Maker.
- Views the account balance and history

Account Portfolio and Transaction History
Account Portfolio and Transaction History

What accounts can I access through BizLink?

BizLink corporate clients can enroll all active Savings and Current accounts in any currency maintained in BPI by submitting a duly-signed Enrollment Form or Letter of Instruction to the Bank.

Can I view my transactions for the day?

Yes. You can view your transactions real-time through the BizLink Transaction History.

How far back can I see my transactions?

Transaction History allows you to view your account transactions for the past 90 days.

Can we limit the access of our users to certain accounts?

Yes, you can choose to limit the accounts that can be viewed or accessed by your Transactional Users.

Transfer to Own
Transfer to Own

Can funds be transferred from our peso to our dollar account?

No. Only transfers between/among accounts of the same currency are allowed.

Pay Bills
Pay Bills

Can I make scheduled transactions?

Yes, Pay Bills allows three different types of transaction schedules: Pay Now, Pay On, and Pay Every.

Do we need to enroll Merchants?

No, you may proceed with your bills payment transactions right away without pre-enrolling your Merchants.

Pay BPI Accounts
Pay BPI Accounts

Do we need to enroll the recipient accounts?

With Pay BPI Unenrolled variant, you may proceed with your payments right away without pre-enrolling the account number of your beneficiaries. Should you prefer to pre-enroll your beneficiary accounts, you may also do so via the Enrolled Pay BPI variant.

If we approve the transaction today, when will the recipient account be credited?

The recipient account is credited real-time.

Pay Non-BPI Accounts (PESONET)
Pay Non-BPI Accounts (PESONET)

Is it required to pre-enroll the bank accounts that will be the recipient of the funds?

No, it is not required to pre-enroll the recipients’ accounts. You just need to indicate the beneficiary’s complete details when making the transaction.

Will the system be able to determine if a wrong beneficiary account number or name was inputted?.

No. Therefore, it is important to confirm the accuracy of the receiving account information before proceeding to send the funds

Who is the clearing switch operator of PESONet?

The Philippine Clearing House Corporation (PCHC) is the designated clearing switch operator for PESONet.

Are these services secured?

Yes, transactions carried through PESONet are secured following the BSP-mandated and bank security standards.

Security Features
Security Features

How secure is it to transact via BizLink?

BizLink ensures the security of the Company Users’ access, its accounts and transactions, through the following:

Secure Access. Access to Bizlink requires a valid Corporate Code, User ID, and the corresponding password. Users are required to change the initial password after log-in. Multiple logins using the same user ID is not allowed and would cause one of the users to be logged off. After a prescribed time of inactivity, a user is automatically logged off. Passwords have to be changed after a specific number of days and may not be repeated until after the fifth password change. A password is locked if the user commits three (3) consecutive or ten (10) accumulative failed attempts.

Transaction file upload. BizLink validates the total amount and the total count declared in the file’s header versus the actual details in the file. During message transmission, BizLink encrypts the data passed from the client to the servers and vice-versa to ensure is not corrupted, tampered and/or forged. The message requests are validated every time on a per user and per session basis to ensure data integrity. The records captured from the file are displayed to the user and can be reviewed prior to submission/approval. A mirror of the upload file is saved in the server for future reference.

Transaction Controls. BizLink has built-in access controls for each user. A user could either be a Maker, a Verifier, or an Authorizer. The Maker creates the financial transacation, the Verifier, if applicable, serves as a first level reviewer, while the Authorizer authorizes it. Financial transactions require a Maker and at least one Authorizer before the transaction is effected. Authorizers must use the BizLink mobile app to approve a financial transaction and they are subjected to the same approval limits and multiple levels of approval nominated by the company for BizLink transactions ensuring compliance to the company’s approval hierarchy. Given this, Authorizers may be classified by signature category and have limits on the total amount of transactions they can approve within the day. Companies can have up to three signature categories. Different levels of transaction amounts may require different signature rules.

Data Encryption. Strong 256-bit encryption via HTTPS, with session keys dynamically generated at each connection request provides for session confidentiality

Customer Support
Customer Support

Who should I contact for further inquiries and concerns?

For further inquiries, please call BPI BizLink at (+632) 8790-1400 or email us at  

For concerns beyond office hours (8:30 AM - 5:30 PM), you may send us a message or call our 24-hour BPI Contact Center at (+632) 889-10000 and press 4-4 after the welcome message.

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