The Big BPI Blowout

  • The Big BPI Blowout

Come celebrate our 168th anniversary with us. Enjoy exclusive deals, low rates, free insurance, waived fees, and more.

Personal Loan Offer

Celebrate with us and enjoy low rates with a BPI Personal Loan.

Business Loan Offer

Enjoy no annual fees for new business loans when you avail within our anniversary month.

Housing Loan Offer

Create your own milestone with our lowest housing loan offer of 6.88% fixed for 5 years and up to Php 50K in waived fees.

Auto Loan Offer

Time to get yourself a car and save up to Php 50K with our Free Chattel Mortgage Fee and Free 1st year Comprehensive Insurance.

Save and Win

Deposit your new funds and get lucky with a chance to win Php 1M.

Invest and Win

It is the best time to invest with a chance to win Php 100K worth of investment credits.

Buy/Sell Forex and Win

Win a trip to Singapore, Japan, or Australia by simply availing of our foreign exchange services.

Waived Remittance Fees

Get $20 bonus and waived transfer fee on your first transfer with InstaRem.

Your Netflix is on us

Use your BPI Credit Card and get up to 6 months of Netflix.

Free Photobook

Keep the celebration alive with a complimentary Photobook Simple Book with your new ePay MasterCard.

If any of these anniversary offers interest you, visit your branch or call your relationship officer today.