US Dollar Time Deposit
A time deposit account that lets you enjoy higher returns on your dollars with no risk on your principal.
How to Apply
Required Minimum Term

35 days

Required Initial Deposit

$ 1,000

Required Balance to Earn Interest

$ 1,000

Interest Rate (Per Annum)


Account features
Grow Your Money

Get better rates than a regular US dollar savings account.

Amount (US Dollar)35 days63 days91 days182 days365 days2 years
$ 1,000 - $ 49,9990.500%0.500%0.750%1.000%1.000%1.000%
$ 50,000 - $ 99,9990.625%0.625%0.875%1.125%1.125%1.125%
$ 100,000 and above0.750%0.750%1.000%1.250%1.250%1.250%

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Member: PDIC. Maximum Deposit Insurance For Each Depositor P500,000