Transfer Funds via PESONet
Make disbursements to other local bank accounts conveniently, securely, and on time via BizLink.
How to use
Transaction Fee (Per Credit Transaction)

Php 50


Banking days


Same Day*

Transaction Amount Limit (Per Transaction)

Php 20,000,000**

Number of Transactions (Per Day)

No limit

*Crediting cut-off time at 12 NN.

**The maximum amount per transaction is Php 20,000,000. However, it is still subject to the receiving Bank’s maximum amount per transaction limit.

**For same day credits to recipient accounts, PESONet transfer requests shall be processed by 3 PM. Otherwise, the fund transfer request will be processed the next banking day.

Service features

Make your day-to-day operations more efficient by doing your transactions online.

Batch Transfer Bulk Disbursements

Conveniently disburse multiple transactions in batches.

Scheduled Transactions

Ensure timely payments for one time or recurring through the Pay Now, Pay On and Pay Every features.

Safe and Secure

No need to issue checks or physically deposit large amounts of money to other banks.

How to transfer funds to other banks

1. Fill out the enrollment form and submit documentary requirements* through your branch or Relationship Manager.

2. ​​​​​​​Once enrolled, you may now transact PESONet via BPI BizLink:

a. Login to BPI BizLink.

b. Click Payments and Transfers >> Pay Non-BPI.

c. Select your Corporate Code.

d. Choose Single or Multiple Entry.

e. Fill in the details and click Submit.

*Non-BizLink users must submit additional documentary requirements.

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Frequently asked questions

What is PESONet?

PESONet is an interbank funds transfer service under the National Retail Payment System (NRPS) of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) which allows clients to electronically transfer high-value funds between their BPI account and other accounts in participating banks and financial institutions in the Philippines.

How do I transact via PESONet?

You must have a BPI BizLink account and submit an enrollment form to activate “Pay Non-BPI Facility” to transact via PESONet. Non-BizLink users must also submit documentary requirements. You may contact your Corporate Banking Relationship Manager or Cash Management Specialist to request for the enrollment form.

What is the allowed maximum amount of transaction?

The maximum amount per credit transaction is Php 20,000,000. However, it is still subject to the receiving Bank’s maximum amount per transaction limit.

Is there a limit on the number of transactions per day?

No, there is no limit on the number of transactions. Client may send multiple transactions, with a maximum of Php 20,000,000 per credit transaction.

How much is the transaction fee?

A fee of Php 50 is charged for every credit transaction when sending to other banks or e-money issuers.

What is the availability of the service?

PESONet is only available during banking days via BPI BizLink.

When will the funds be credited to the Recipient’s Account?

The cut-off time for transactions is at 3:00 PM. If the transaction is within the cut-off time, it will be credited on the same day. If the transaction was made after the cut-off or during weekends and holidays, it will be processed and credited on the next banking day.

Who is the clearing switch operator of PESONet?

The Philippine Clearing House Corporation (PCHC) is the designated clearing switch operator for PESONet.

Are these services secured?

Yes, transactions carried through PESONet are secured following the BSP-mandated and bank security standards.

How do we ensure the accuracy and security of the transactions?

PESONet transaction in BPI BizLink is enabled by a maker-checker facility, wherein authorized personnel of the company will be assigned as maker (to input the transaction details) and as checker (to approve the transactions) with corresponding usernames and passwords, before it goes through the system for processing.

What are the possible purposes or types of transactions than can be made via PESONet?

The following are the possible types of transactions that can be made via PESONet:

• Payments to a Payee or several Payees.
• Bulk payments that are not urgent or can be made within 1-2 days.
• Settlement of commercial obligations or supplier payments.
• Payroll to other banks.
• Payee is not online.
• An alternative to checks.

What BPI accounts are eligible for PESONet transfer service?

Regular BPI Peso Savings or Checking Account of corporations can be used as a source account for PESONet for sending and receiving funds.

USD accounts, Time Deposit, Save-up, SBA/Merchant or Collection Accounts, and Prepaid Cards are not eligible to send/receive funds.

Can PESONet be used to transfer funds to a non-participating institution?

No, you can only make transfers between accounts maintained with PESONet participating institutions.

What are the PESONet participating banks or financial institutions?

Click here for the list of participating banks and financial institutions. You may also visit for the updated list of participating institutions and news updates.

Is it required to pre-enroll the bank accounts that will be the recipient of the funds?

It is not required to pre-enroll the recipient's accounts. You just need to indicate the beneficiary’s complete details when making the transaction.

Will I be notified regarding the status of transaction?

Yes, sender will receive a status feedback via BPI BizLink.

Can I make scheduled transactions?

Yes, PESONet allows 3 different types of transaction schedules:

• Pay Now
• Pay On
• Pay Every

Can I request for cancellation of the transaction?

Once your account has been debited, the transaction is considered final and can no longer be cancelled.

Will the system be able to determine if a wrong beneficiary account number or name was inputted?

No. Therefore, it is important to confirm the accuracy of the receiving account information before proceeding to send the funds.

Can I request for funds to be recovered if I entered the incorrect account details and the transaction pushed through?

As long as a valid account number is provided, whether or not it is for the intended recipient, the transaction will be considered final and can no longer be cancelled. Thus, we are recommending the sending clients to verify the details to its recipients first before the actual transaction.

Will there be instances of an unsuccessful credit to the receiving bank?

Yes, here are the possible instances for unsuccessful credit:

• Invalid payee account number (may be incorrect, closed, dormant, blocked or frozen)
• Name of beneficiary account does not match the details of in the Receiving Bank’s system
• The currency of the beneficiary account is not in Php

In case of rejected transactions or unsuccessful credit, when will the funds be credited back to my source account?

The funds will be credited back to your account within 1-3 banking days. The amount that will be credited will be net of the transaction charge.

How do I report transaction concerns regarding PESONet?

You may call or email the following:

Corporate Banking Group
• 8790-1400

Business Banking Group
• 7918-2000, press 1

What is the difference between InstaPay and PESONet?

InstaPay and PESONet are two interbank funds transfer services under the National Retail Payment System of the BSP. Here are the differentiating features of InstaPay and PESONet.

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