Green Saver
An environment-friendly 5-year time deposit that gives higher interest rates as you save for a better tomorrow.
How to apply
Required Minimum Placement
Php 5,000
Required Minimum Term
5 years
Interest Rate (Per Annum)

Available in the branches

Account features
Save for a sustainable future

Support green projects under BPI's Sustainable Funding Framework.

Choose when to withdraw your interest earnings

Interest earnings are credited monthly to a settlement account or paid at the end of the 5-year term.

Get fixed high interest rates

Get higher rates than regular time deposits, giving you protection from ever-changing market rates.

Enjoy tax-free interest for optimized earnings*

No withholding tax on interest earnings.

*Green Saver is exclusive for individual accountholders only. Pre-termination or closing of account before the 5-year term ends is subject to interest rate and withholding tax penalties.

Placement Amount
Interest Rate
Php 5,000 to less than Php 50,000Available in the branches
Php 50,000 to less than Php 5,000,000
Php 5,000,000 and up
Open a Green Saver Time Deposit Account
I don't have a BPI account
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I already have an existing BPI account
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Frequently asked questions

What is Green Saver Time Deposit?

Green Saver Time Deposit is BPI’s deposit solution for Filipinos looking for banking products and services that can help them achieve their sustainability goals.

How much is the minimum amount to open a Green Saver Time Deposit?

Open a Green Saver account for as low as Php 5,000.

What is the duration of the Green Saver Time Deposit?

The minimum term of investment is five (5) years.

Is the interest rate fixed for the entire 5-year term?

Yes, interest rate is fixed for the entire five-year lock in period to ensure that funds are protected from the volatile market rates. 

When is the frequency of interest crediting of Green Saver?

You have a choice of when to get your interest earnings:

1. Monthly interest crediting – interest earnings are credited monthly to a settlement account.

2. Lump Sum at maturity – interest earnings are paid at the end of the 5-year term (a.k.a. “Bullet”). Interest earned at the end of each year will be added to the principal and will eventually earn interest in the following year.

Are the interest earnings from Green Saver Time Deposit tax-free?

Yes. However, pre-termination / closing of account before the end of the 5-year term is subject to interest rate and withholding tax penalties.

Is there a pre-termination fee when I withdraw before the end of the 5-year term?

Yes, applicable penalties and taxes are charged on your Green Saver Time Deposit account.

Where will my funds be invested in?

Funds generated from BPI's green time deposit will be used to finance or refinance a host of sustainability projects that focus on energy efficiency, renewable energy, and green buildings under BPI's Sustainable Funding Framework (SFF). This allows clients to consciously contribute to environmental protection.

Will this sustainable deposit solution be always tagged as a green product?

If there are no more eligible and qualified green projects to match against your deposit, your branch of account will advise you accordingly that your funds will not be tagged as a green product and will give you alternative solutions.

Can a corporation open a Green Saver Time Deposit?

No, this product is exclusive for individual accountholders only.

Who can I contact for any inquiries or comments about Green Saver?

For inquiries and comments, send us a message or call our 24-hour BPI Contact Center at (+632) 889-10000.

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