Advance Savings
A savings account that lets you enjoy the interest on your deposit ahead of time.
How to Apply
Required Initial Deposit

Php 100,000

Required Minimum Monthly ADB

Php 100,000

Required Daily Balance to Earn Interest

Php 100,000

Interest Rate (Per Annum)


*Interest rates found below.

Account features
High Interest Rate

Get better rates than a regular savings account.

Faster Returns

Earn interest in advance with every deposit.

Convenient Monitoring

Easy record-keeping through a passbook.

Required Daily Balance to Earn InterestInterest Rate (Per Annum)
Php 100,000 - Php 999,999
Php 1,000,000 and above
Open an Advance Savings Account
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Member: PDIC. Maximum Deposit Insurance For Each Depositor P500,000