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Cheers to the Best Dad

Dads always go above and beyond for the family. Salute them for everything they do with these heartwarming ideas!

Simple Splurges for Dad

You can honor your father in simple but standout ways. Try these budget-friendly ideas to celebrate the man of the house.

Karaoke: Dad’s Playlist  

Grab that bluetooth microphone and karaoke mobile app for a fun Karaoke Night with dad! Singing his favorite songs to him and serving his favorite snacks is sure to make his day  extra special. 

Hobby Day: Dad’s Pick

Devote the day to a hobby or activity he enjoys, whether it’s assembling model kits, cooking, playing video games, fixing the car, or something else entirely. Making time for dad’s hobbies shows that you truly care about what makes him happy.

Home Theater: Fatherhood Special

Prepare your TV, laptop, or projector screen by queueing a handful of films celebrating dad’s achievements and love for the family. Add a bowl of popcorn and some cool drinks, and you’ve got a relaxing movie night!

Stay-at-Home Dads in Business

Celebrating fatherhood means uplifting stay-at-home dads. Here are some business opportunities to explore for additional income to the family.

Dad Blogs

From making a channel filled with dad hacks to creating your own website featuring opinions on the latest trends — sharing priceless fatherly wisdom online can be a source of income for fathers. Depending on the online platform, you can gain profit from ad revenue, affiliate programs and more. 

Photography Business

A camera, a good eye and steady social media presence is all you need for this business idea.  

Find your market by venturing into different photography specialties, such as food photography, baby photography, or more niche categories like action figure and toy model photography. 

Great Investments on Real Estate 

With the right financial guidance and ample capital, investments can offer a great means for passive income. A good place to start is BPI Real Estate Investment Trust or REIT. REIT is a stock corporation that invests your money in income generating real estate assets. You can expect stable returns from rental income dividends or capital appreciation.  

Note: In choosing funds, it will still depend on the individual risk tolerance or appetite.

Looking for a more lasting splurge for dad? Help him upgrade the family home!  

It’s possible with BPI Home Renovation Loan. With a minimum household income of Php 40,000, you can get a loan of Php 400,000 and secure a fixing period of up to 20 years.

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