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Celebrating Fatherhood

Shoutout to the fathers in your life! Reach out to them with your love and gratitude. 

Digital Special Day with Dad

Let dad feel your love and appreciation even if they’re miles away. Here are some online celebration ideas for fun virtual fatherly bonding.

Virtual Kainan

This one’s for the fathers who love to eat! Gather the whole family for a video call and enjoy a sumptuous meal despite the physical distance. It will be just like having a party at home with your loved ones.

Fatherhood Film Fest

With a curated playlist of movies celebrating fatherhood and a group-watching streaming service, you’re set for a fun movie night! Fathers at home and abroad will surely cherish this bonding activity with the family.

Virtual Bonding with Dad

With dad on video call, any activity can become a special bonding moment. You can be fixing a car, creating woodwork, assembling model kits, or enjoying an artisanal cup of coffee. Sharing a common interest over the screen will give you a chance to talk about life and unwind from everyday stress.

Investment Ideas for OFW Fathers

OFW dads can move closer to financial freedom with these investment ideas. Consider these options to build funds faster and look forward to a worry-free homecoming!

Landing on Great Investments

Even while they’re abroad, OFW fathers can benefit a lot from investing in real estate assets in the Philippines. A good place to start is Real Estate Investment Trust or REIT.  

REIT is a stock corporation that invests your money in income generating real estate assets. You can expect stable returns from rental income dividends or capital appreciation. 

Note: In choosing funds, it will still depend on the individual risk tolerance or appetite.

Go Far with a Good Ride

Investing in a car can provide a variety of returns. It can help save time on everyday commute or give your family additional funds. You can use it to offer ride-sharing services to friends and co-workers or to grow your existing business through deliveries.

Dream Home Investment

Buying your own property can be an investment for your family, so future generations can have a place to always come home to. It can also serve as an asset for future ventures, such as loans, businesses, or something to sell at an appreciated value.

Help dad achieve his goal for the family. Make his dream home and car a reality with a BPI Housing Loan or a BPI Auto Loan. All with low monthly payment rates that are easy on the pocket. 

Go digital to enjoy ultimate convenience in your daily financial transactions. Enroll to BPI Online today.

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