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Auxiliary Services


Amount of Fee / Charge

Replacement of Debit Card

Php 150.00

Replacement of PIN Mailer*

Php 100.00

 Replacement of Lost Passbook

Peso Deposit Accounts

Php 200.00

Dollar Deposit Accounts

USD 15.00

Bank Certification*

Pro-Forma (Regular Bank Certificate) – Peso

Php 200.00

Pro-Forma (Regular Bank Certificate) – Dollar*

Php 200.00 or USD 4.00 if debit from FCDU account

*Additional Php 100.00 for customized bank certificate

Statement of Account (SOA) Printing

Php 50.00 per page

Manager's Check

Php 75.00

Peso Checkbook


Php 250.00


Php 500.00

Dollar Demand Draft


Php 550.00

Plus, DST, if to be paid in Pesos

Php 0.60 for every Php 200.00

Peso Telegraphic Transfer


1/4 of 1% of amount

Plus DST

Php 0.30 for every Php 200.00

Subject to a minimum of

Php 100.00 plus Php 1.50 DST

Foreign Bills Purchase (per check, if without line)

Php 100.00

Outward Bills for Collection


1/4 of 1% for every Php 1.00 or fraction thereof

Plus Postage Fee

Php 6.50

Subject to a minimum of

Php 100.00

Safety Deposit Box (SDB) Rental Fees

Varies based on box size

Php 2,000.00 - Php 6,000.00 per year

*As of April 5, 2021