• Auto Charge Billers

Transfer Your Automatic Payments to Your New BPI Credit Card

Change your enrolled BPI Credit Card by following the steps below.


    Via Meralco Online

    1. Unenroll your old BPI Credit Card in the dashboard of Meralco Online. Look for "Accounts" or "Account Details".

    2. Select the account to be unenrolled and click "Unenroll" from the APA button.

    3. Complete the fields and click on "Submit“.

    4. To enroll your new BPI Credit Card, in the same dashboard of Meralco Online, look for "Auto Payment Enrollment".

    5. Select "Auto Credit".

    6. Download the APA enrollment form of your selected APA scheme.

    7. Print and accomplished APA enrollment form.

    8. Scan and upload the APA enrollment form together with a valid government-issued ID then click “Submit.”

    Via BPI

    Contact our 24-hour BPI Contact Center at (+632) 889-10000 or email help@bpi.com.ph to facilitate your request to update your card details.


    1. Visit the nearest Globe Store.

    2. Provide your account details, currently enrolled credit card details, and credit card details of the new card you want to enroll.

    3. Present your new BPI Credit Card.

    Smart and Sun
    Smart and Sun

    Via Smart/Sun Business Center

    1. Visit any Smart/Sun business center to update your enrolled card.

    2. Fill out and submit a duly signed Auto Debit Agreement (ADA) enrollment form or Letter of Undertaking, 1 valid ID, and present your new BPI Credit Card.

    Your request will be processed within 7 business day upon receipt of complete documents.

    Via My Smart

    1. Log-in to My Smart using your Single Sign On (SSO) account.

    2. Select your Smart Postpaid account.

    3. Select "Bills & Payments".

    4. Select "Update Auto-Debit Enrollment".

    5. Select "Update Credit Card".

    6. Enter your new BPI Credit Card details.

    7. Tap the "Submit" button.

    For changes in Credit Card Applications via My Smart, the card holder's name should match the account holder's name.

    Pru Life U.K.
    Pru Life U.K.

    1. To unenroll your old BPI Credit Card and enroll your new BPI Credit Card,
    contact your Financial Advisor.
    2. Accomplish the Credit Card Enrollment Form.
    3. Photocopy the front portion of your BPI Credit Card.
    4. Submit both the form and a photocopy of the front portion of your BPI Credit Card to your Financial Advisor or any Pru Life UK customer center.

    Sun Life
    Sun Life

    Contact your Financial Advisor or call Sun Life client care hotline at (632) 849-9888 before the due date to avoid policy lapse.

    1. To unenroll your old BPI Credit Card and enroll your new BPI Credit Card,
    contact your Financial Advisor.

    2. Fill out the credit card authorization form to enroll your new Credit Card account.

    3. Submit the form to your Financial Advisor or any Manulife office.

    Note: Rules on Third Party Payor shall apply.  If the owner of the bank account is a qualified third party, please fill out a Payor Information Form (PIF).

    FWD Life Insurance
    FWD Life Insurance

    Contact your agent or call FWD customer connect hotline at (632) 8888 8388 before the due date to avoid policy lapse.

    Autosweep RFID
    Autosweep RFID

    1. Download and fill out applicable form:

    2. Attach the supporting documents:

    • Photocopy of the OR & CR of the vehicle you want to enroll
    • If you are not the registered owner, please secure an authorization letter from the registered owner. Please attach in the authorization letter the photocopy of his/her ID with original signature on the side.
    • Photocopy of any valid government-issued ID (preferably driver’s license)

    3. If you wish to enroll your account to automatic replenishment via credit card, please download and fill out the Auto Debit Arrangement (ADA) form and attach a photocopy of your credit card (front only).

    4. Submit all documents to any Autosweep RFID installation site.

    In case of any change in credit card information that was previously enrolled, please secure a new ADA Form and Authority to Use Credit Card form. Submit the original forms to the RFID Office accordingly.



      • BPI does not own the forms that are linked in this guide, it was taken from the merchant’s websites  on January 20, 2021.
      • The guide is best use for your reference, we still recommend you to contact the merchant for the updated process and forms.
      • BPI shall not be liable in case of dispute concerning the products and/or services of the merchant.
      • This guide is only intended to help you move your Automatic Payments to your new BPI Credit Card, we do not mean to represent any relationship with the merchants.