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  • About BPI
Welcome to the Bank of the Philippine Islands
As the first bank in Southeast Asia, we have established a history of client trust, financial strength, and innovation. Since 1851, our business, products and services have played a significant role in every Filipino’s daily life, as well as in the country’s increasingly expanding and evolving economy.


What we do for our Clients

BPI has led the way in offering financial services to clients based on their needs and how those needs evolve over time. We continue to enhance training and information systems to support our front line bankers, allowing them to intelligently analyze customer interactions, improve relationships and retention.


Our Shareholders

We deliver value to our shareholders while being prudent in risk-taking, spending, and investment.


For Sustainability

We create and deliver shared value to clients, communities, and society in general, so that Filipinos can enjoy a more sustainable future.


For Corporate Governance

We implement various policies and systems that ensure compliance to regulations, transparency, and prudent risk management.


For our People

We invest in our employees, provide them a workplace that fosters learning and development, career advancement, and sustainable engagement.

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