Bank Online, Here's How:
If you are already a BPI, BPI Family Savings Bank or BPI Direct ATM account holder, simply enroll your account in Express Online:

  1. Connect to the Internet and open a browser (Internet Explorer 5.5 and up, Netscape Navigator 4.75).
  2. Log on to
  3. Click on the Consumer Banking “Register” button
  4. Choose BPI Express Online among the list of products/services that you wish to apply for and click “Enroll Now”.
  5. Follow the screen prompts until you reach the Application Form.
  6. Fill out the Application Form and click the “Submit” button. A confirmation page will appear confirming receipt of your enrollment.
  7. Go to any Express Teller ATM to activate your enrollment.
  a. Select “Special Services” then select “Activate Enrollments” then “Express Online”.
  b. A Transaction receipt will be issued.
  8. You can start using Express Online once you receive your activation e-mail.

Want to enroll? Click Here.

If you don’t have a BPI, BPI Family Savings Bank or BPI Direct ATM account yet, you may open an account now to enroll and join the promo or visit any BPI or BPI Family Savings Bank branch nearest you.

Earn raffle entries for every qualified transaction:
A computer-generated raffle entry will be issued for the following transactions done through Express Online:

3 Upon activating your Express Online enrollment
1 For each unique* bill paid through Express Online Check-Free Payments with a minimum of P100 per transaction period
1 For each unique* prepaid cellphone reloaded through Express Online per transaction period
1 For each unique* beneficiary account number of an Online Fx Transfer done per transaction period.

* Even if you make several payments for a single bill or reloads to the same prepaid cellphone number or online Fx transfers to the same beneficiary account number during the same transaction period, your said transactions will be considered as one entry only.

To win, client should have logged on to BPI Express Online at least once after activating his/her enrollment.

This promo is offered nationwide. Promo period is from July 5 to September 30, 2004.